Welcome to PIDZOOM, your go-to destination for dedicated personal electric vehicle (PEV) accessories. Founded in August 2023 by Bob Yan, a distinguished veteran in the PEV industry and the former CEO of the renowned INMOTION brand, PIDZOOM is on a mission to revolutionize the way you experience clean and efficient transportation.

Our Founder's Vision

Bob Yan, a dedicated PEV enthusiast himself, is not just a leader in the industry but also a rider who understands the unique needs of the PEV community. With a history of developing iconic products that riders adore, Bob has earned recognition for his commitment to transparency, safety, and performance. As an avid PEV rider, he actively engages in local group rides and even embarked on a remarkable 1000 km road trip on an EUC with his 10-year-old son.

During this memorable journey, Bob recognized a critical need for high-quality accessories such as chargers and safety lights, especially for those who rely on PEVs for their daily commuting needs. Surprisingly, no provider was solely dedicated to crafting these essential items for PEV riders. In response to this unmet need, Bob departed from INMOTION to establish PIDZOOM.

Our Commitment to PEV Enthusiasts

PIDZOOM is more than just a company; we are the dedicated producer of personal electric vehicle accessories. Our core belief revolves around the incredible potential of clean energy technology and the joy it brings to transportation. Our mission is simple: to empower riders to ride safely, charge safely, and have a blast while doing so. We achieve this by offering a diverse range of innovative and practical accessories designed for EUCs, ebikes, scooters, and various electric vehicles.

At PIDZOOM, we place a paramount emphasis on safety and the reliability of charging solutions. Our commitment is unwavering, and we have meticulously curated a selection of unique products that prioritize the well-being of riders.

Our Innovative Product Lines

One of our standout product lines addresses a common concern for hands-free PEV riders. Often, riders struggle with easy access to horns, leading to safety issues. PIDZOOM has the perfect solution - Finger-controlled horn. A ring-like wireless controller that allows riders to control horns without compromising their ability to focus on other tasks.

Additionally, we've addressed the prevalent issue of costly lithium battery replacements in the PEV industry, along with the potential hazards during charging. Fires during the charging process are a significant concern. PIDZOOM's solution, the Charger Enhancer, mitigates these risks and ensures a safer, more cost-effective experience.

Beyond these, PIDZOOM offers a wide array of products, including fast chargers, adapters, GPS systems, TPMS, and much more. Our catalog is ever-expanding to meet the evolving needs of PEV enthusiasts.

Join the PIDZOOM Revolution

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just embarking on your electric vehicle journey, PIDZOOM is here to support you every step of the way. We believe that riding should be an exhilarating and empowering experience, and our products are meticulously designed to turn that belief into a reality.

Embrace the clean energy revolution, explore the limitless possibilities of personal electric vehicles, and join us at PIDZOOM to ride safe, charge safe, and have fun. We're committed to making your PEV journey better, one accessory at a time.