Tire Pressure Management TPMS1

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Don't let tire pressure be a worry with PIDZOOM's Tire Pressure Management TPMS1. You can easily keep it in check with this compact display and adjustable band, designed to fit most PEVs like EUC, Scooter, E-bike, Moped or Motorcycles.

Say goodbye to dented rims and hello to a worry-free ride. Just remember to double check the dimensions of our external sensor to make sure it can fit into the space between your valve and mudguard or frame.

Note: We recommend 1 sensor for EUC, and 2 sensor for scooters, ebikes etc.  Please make sure the display is 90 degree locked in the mounting bracket, and you may find it's a little hard to twist it straight forward when you install it, just give it a bit more force and it will sit into the right angle. 

Number of External Sensors: 1
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1.How can I know if your TPMS1 can fit my PEV?

As you'll need to install our external pressure sensor to your valve, so need to check if you have enough room between your valve and the mudguard or frame for the sensor, which has a dimension of φ18.3mm*15mm. Here're a few popular PEV models that are supported:

For EUCs: Begode Master, EX30, Master Pro, ET Max. INMOTION V11/V11Y, V13. LeaperKim Sherman, Sherman S, Lynx.

For e-Scooters: Nami, Kabbo WolfKing, Vesett 10+, INMOITON RS

2.How long does the battery last for one charge?

The display can last 1-3 months for one charge according to different use conditions. The sensor can last 1 year.

3.Is it difficult to install?

Not at all. No tool is needed to install our TPMS1. You can easily attach the display onto anywhere your prefer using our adjustable band and install the external sensors to your valve with existing screw thread.