Charger Enhancer CE140

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Charger Enhancer (CE140) – a compact, standalone device designed to elevate your standard charger. Functioning as a 'firewall' between your charger and electric vehicles (PEVs), it offers a range of benefits:

1. Effortless Charging Monitoring: Say goodbye to the guessing game! CE140 provides a clear display of all charging information, eliminating reliance on the single red light of your stock charger. Additionally, it assesses Effective Battery Capacity, offering insights into your battery's health and decay over time.

2. Tailored Charging Limits: Take control of your charging experience by customizing the charging level. Whether it's for partial charging to extend battery life or long-term storage, CE140 makes it a breeze. For optimal cell balancing, we recommend periodic full charging at the lowest current possible (every month or 10-20 cycles) alongside daily partial charging.

3. Enhanced Safety Features: CE140 adds an extra layer of safety with its auto-disconnecting feature. Proactively disconnecting the power supply upon reaching a full charge or your preset partial charging level, it prevents overcharging and conserves energy. In the face of charger failure, incorrect settings, or unforeseen electric grid incidents, CE140 acts as a one-time insurance, providing automated protection layers for your vehicle's health and your peace of mind.

To set up the charger enhancer properly, you'll need a pair of adapters to connect your charger and your device. We provide a free pair of adapters, please select the one fit for your charger.  Not sure which one to select?  Read our Selection Guide
Select The Included Adapter: GX12-3
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Charge safe with auto-disconnection



Charger Enhancer provides crucial charging information, including voltage, current, power, time, and energy capacity.

As we become familiar with CE140, we can check electric grid stability before connecting our vehicle to a charger in new locations, inspect the charger's status after an electric shortage or verify its output after charger adjustments as a precautionary measure.

We can measure the battery's effective capacity for future reference, assessing its natural decay over time or to determine when a battery replacement is necessary, helping mitigate risks when considering the purchase of preowned vehicles, or verify the battery's integrity after an impact or when observing a sudden decrease in mileage.



With Charger Enhancer, constant supervision becomes unnecessary.

Regardless of your charger, CE140 proactively disconnects the power supply upon reaching a full charge or your preset partial charging level, preventing overcharging and saving energy.

Even in the event of charger failure, improper settings, or unexpected occurrences with the electric grid, CE140 acts as a one-time insurance, adding automated protection layers for your vehicle's health and your peace of mind.

DC 30-140V

Unparalleled Compatibility



Charger Enhancer, has been designed to provide sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions, to get the several benefits of taking control of the charging process.

With CE140, you can customize the charging level and overcurrent protection limit according to your specific needs. Among other benefits, controlling the charging level with CE140 makes it easy to achieve battery levels for healthy long-term storage, facilitates the equalization of battery packs before replacement, and by partially charging while periodically balancing cells to prolong the lifespan of expensive lithium batteries.

CE140 features inbuilt automated, customizable, and quick-button functions, empowering you to take control, extend battery life, increase safety and reduce your environmental footprint.



Charger Enhancer seamlessly combines power and portability, featuring an impressive capacity able to support up to 30A of current and a continuous charging power of 4200W. CE140 effortlessly handles the high demands of most PEV 'fast chargers'.

Despite its remarkable capabilities, we've managed to encapsulate this powerhouse in a size that fits in the palm of your hand. CE140 can effortlessly slip into your backpack, be attached to your charger, or placed in any location of your choice. CE140 does not require complex integration with other devices nor internet access.

Pidzoom charger enhancer CE140 UNBOXING

Features & specs

Being the first of its kind, CE140 has rich features and solid specs for users to delve into.


  • Auto-disconnect: ensure safety by automatically disconnecting power at a preset level.
  • Enhanced Safety: add extra protection layers covering the entire vehicle for peace of mind.
  • Smart Charging: optimize your charging experience with customizable settings.
  • Real-time Monitoring: comprehensive information for better decision making.
  • Full Control: automated, customizable and button inbuilt control features.
  • Convenience: standalone design, fully independent from additional devices.
  • Portability: lightweight, compact and sturdy design for easy transport.


  • Model: CE140
  • Voltage Range: DC 30-140
  • Current Range: DC 0-30 A
  • Voltage & Current Accuracy: ±1%
  • Input Interface: XT60-M
  • Output Interface: XT60-F
  • Dimensions: 95x72x26 mm
  • Weight (without cables & adapters): 175g
  • Humidity Operating Range: 0-90%
  • Temperature Operating Range: -10 to 50 ℃


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