GX-XT60 Adapters

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With GX-XT60 Adapters, PIDZOOM Charger Enhancer offers the capability of transforming ordinary chargers into intelligent ones. Our collection includes a variety of adapters designed to connect your charger and devices with Charger Enhancer, as well as two XT60 adapters that enable the simultaneous use of dual chargers.
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Select Your Extra Adaptors

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  1. Why Use Adapters with Charger Enhancer/Fast Charger?
    Each vehicle possesses distinct characteristics, necessitating adjustments. By utilizing suitable adapters, the Charger Enhancer/Fast Charger can seamlessly connect to the charging ports of various devices.
  2. How Do I Choose the Right Adapter?
    Identifying the suitable adapter involves recognizing the type of charger port in use. Typically, the charger itself displays a label illustrating the layout of its port. Once you ascertain your charger's port type, refer to the diagram below, displaying our adapter layouts, to select the appropriate one.
  3. What's the Maximum Charging Current Supported by the Adapters?
    The maximum charging current supported varies across adapters. Detailed specifications for each adapter are provided in the diagram below for your reference.

Adapters Layout