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This ongoing project has garnered interest from many riders for its concept design. Our goal is to create the ultimate helmet mirror for PEV riders, and we continuously improve based on rider feedback. Keep track of our progress on this page or join our Facebook group  for constant updates.

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Note: Final version may have minor changes from the pictures.


Rear mirror is a crucial safety accessory, although many PEVs lack a proper one, so riders must create their own helmet mirrors to suit their needs, which can be time-consuming and not yield optimal outcomes.

Our goal

Our goal is to produce a helmet mirror that riders cares:

  • Easy to adjust
  • Stable on the move
  • Protects your eyes
  • Clear, wide view
  • Built to last

OnGoing developments

Mass Production Version

Updated: 5/20/2024

Two mirrors

There will be two options for mirrors: one is a convex mirror, which can keep a compact
and decent field of view, and the other is a flat mirror, which is wider (71mm) to achieve a clear image and still maintain a good field of view.

More bases

We have added a quick-release base for left-mounted riders from countries like the UK,
Australia, etc.

Easy tightening

To make it easy to tighten without a screwdriver, we have added an extra thumb nut into the package for riders who don't mind the bulkier look.


Now the straight mount is compatible with the quick-release base.

Prototype V4

Updated: 4/5/2024

HM Prototype V4

Implement a thumb nut to make the mirror secure and easy to be tightened, making it strong enough to withstand unexpected stuck by branches.

Add a front reflector to increase visibility in this version.

Prototype V3

Updated: 3/18/2024

HM Prototype V3

The quick release base has been introduced along with an expanded adjustment angle range

Concept V2

Updated: 3/4/2024

HM Concept V2

We enhance stability by implementing thumb nuts to easily tighten joint balls, and expand the mirror size for a larger field of view in this version.

Concept V2

Concept V1

Updated: 2/25/2024

HM concept v1

This design features dual ball joints, allowing it to fold back when not in use. The magnetic base can attach to the sun shield, easy to relocate

Concept V1