PIDZOOM Charger Enhancer CE140 is an innovative personal electric vehicle (PEV) accessory designed to address an often overlooked subject, yet crucial, as the charging process by providing information, enabling user control, and enhancing safety for extended battery life.

Increasing in vehicle performance required larger batteries and with them higher investments and responsibilities. However, our approach does not differ from charging a cellphone. Leaving a standard charger unattended, especially overnight, can result in personal injuries and/or property damage. And if a standard charger malfunctions due to normal wear or a failure, the vehicle may have limited protection. Charging tends to lack significant information and user control, exposing to premature battery decay and unnecessary risks.

CE140 brings 'smart' functions and enhanced safety levels to your charger. Placed between the charger and the vehicle, it requires no external power supply. Designed for both novice and experienced users, Charger Enhancer analyzes the charging process, offering relevant information, additional protection features, and customization tools. This results in a more convenient and safer charging experience while potentially extending the lifetime of your vehicle's batteries.

CE140's display offers detailed charging metrics, including voltage, current, power, time, and energy capacity, offering crucial insights into charging status and battery conditions. Users can toggle between display modes for convenience during sleep.

CE140 empowers users with a user-friendly interface and safety features, allowing customization of the 'automatic disconnection', preset cut-off voltage, and overcurrent protection. This fosters tailored charging presets to prevent premature battery decay as well as applying optimized recharging schemes to extend its cycle life. Temperature protection auto-disconnects if Charger Enhancer's internal temperature is excessive.

CE140 is compatible with a wide range of chargers and electric vehicles, adjustable to specific vehicle characteristics.

CE140's portability and design offer a lightweight, sturdy build with rounded corners for damage prevention, facilitating convenient transportation. The compact size allows for an easy backpack carriage or attachment to a charger.

Learn more about CE140 at PIDZOOM, a small device that provides vital information, control, and safety layers, ensuring optimal charging and peace of mind.

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