Tire Pressure Management for PEVs: Enhancing Safety and Performance

Tire Pressure Management for PEVs: Enhancing Safety and Performance

On cars, tire pressure management systems (TPMS) have become standard safety equipment. But for electric scooters, bikes, and other personal EVs, tire pressure remains an overlooked issue. In this blog, we’ll cover why TPMS is arguably even more essential for electric scooter and bike riders, and how our solution at PIDZOOM provides riders total tire awareness.

The Critical Need for TPMS on Cars
Modern cars come equipped with TPMS for good reason – maintaining proper inflation is critical for driver safety. Underinflated tires can overheat and suffer blowouts or tread separation, especially at high speeds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that TPMS saves hundreds of lives per year by preventing accidents from tire failures. Additionally, TPMS improves fuel efficiency as underinflated tires create more rolling resistance. For drivers, monitoring tire health is clearly vital.

TPMS Dangers for Electric Scooter and Bike Riders
While tire problems on cars put lives at risk, flats or blowouts on electric scooters and bikes also pose severe safety hazards. At 15-30 mph on a standing or seated electric vehicle, sudden tire failure sends riders crashing. Further, because PEV tires are smaller, they’re more prone to penetrations and leaks. Improper tire pressure also accelerates wear and damage to the inner tubing. Rather than gradual leaks, ruptures are more common, causing abrupt loss of control. So for electric scooter and bike riders, tire problems are not just an inconvenience – they can quickly become a disaster.

Additional TPMS Benefits for Electric Scooters and Bikes
Beyond critical safety advantages, TPMS offers other key benefits for PEV riders. Maintaining optimal tire pressure extends the lifespan of tires and inner tubes, saving money. It also enhances battery efficiency - less tire drag equals less battery drain. And by alerting before pressure drops become severe, TPMS protects rims from damage. For those investing $1,000 or more in an electric scooter or bike, a TPMS pays dividends in performance, safety and longevity.

PIDZOOM’s TPMS Solution for E-Scooters, EUCs and E-Bikes
Understanding riders’ needs for tire safety and efficiency, PIDZOOM has engineered an advanced yet easy-to-install TPMS specialized for electric scooters, bikes and other PEVs. The slim sensors securely fit most rims without scratching cases. The compact LED display mounts on handlebars, packing rich monitoring functions so riders can track real-time pressure, temperature, battery level, lifetime distance traveled, and more. Riders can set customized pressure thresholds so they’re notified before any hazardous drops occur.

With PIDZOOM’s TPMS innovation, PEV riders can now glimpse tire status at a glance before every ride. Instead of playing tire pressure roulette, they can proactively manage tire health for total safety and performance. They can also record data on the cloud for tracking trends over time. As electric scooters and bikes gain popularity, PIDZOOM’s TPMS provides essential protection and awareness.

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